Enduring Revery
Since the mid 90’s Heath has played in several 
bands in the local Frederick, MD music scene. 
Playing various genres ranging from punk to 
funk or rock to thrash, Heath’s musical career 
began as a bass player and backup vocalist, 
allowing him to collaborate with some of the 
most diverse musicians Frederick had to offer.  
As he steps into the realm of solo artistry, he 
has been able to expand his instrumental 
creativity and knowledge with the use of  
guitars, drums, keyboards, lyrical development 
and lead vocal delivery.  Always in search of 
new sounds and musical endeavors, Heath intends to incorporate the mandolin in his future recording projects.  His love of the acoustic sound is displayed throughout his current work, from the most delicate interlude to the heaviest of guitar riffs.  As is his keen ability to layer various sounds, blending together the unexpected to create a well thought-out and vibrant representation of his “mind’s eye”.  Though he classifies his music primarily as metal, listeners are able to appreciate intense dynamics created by his blending of electric and acoustic sound. As a recording artist and being the single mind of creation, his music is only limited by the extremes of his imagination.  From elegant and soothing to powerful and destructive, this musical experience will take the listener for quite the emotional ride.